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Top 9 Ways To Get Free Publicity for Your Home Business

by Dawn Fotopulos on March 9, 2010

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Marketing tips for small businesses reveals all the ways you can reach your audience for little or no money.

One of the most effective ways of advertising your company is through publicity. Think of it as unpaid advertising. Publicity is seen as more objective and reliable than paid advertising.

There is a famous adage that says "Good or bad publicity is still publicity". When it comes to business matters, bad publicity should always be avoided.

The best marketing tip for small business is to maintain a good impression to keep prospective customers coming. You might think that garnering a lot of publicity is out of your reach because hiring a professional can be very expensive.

Did you know you can get publicity without spending a single penny? Below are no cost marketing tips for small business that show you how to get free publicity that will give your home based business more exposure and recognition:

1) Get in touch with the press. Make submitting press releases a part of your marketing plan. Give them information about your company and how it operates. Another marketing tip for small businesses is let the press know about new contracts you won, new hires, even charities that your business is supporting. Most newspaper reporters won't meet every home-based business owner that wants to meet with them. Here are other marketing tips for small businesses: most reporters are desperate for interesting content. Provide it to them and the reporter will develop a long term relationship with you.

You can also volunteer to become one of their business columnist or article contributor. A press release is another effective tool you can utilize. You can also use it for free because often, other webmasters are more than willing to include them in their sites to add content. For example your big sale or a new branch opening is the perfect time for you to launch a press release.

2) Volunteer as a guest speaker. Being part of public seminars or organization meetings can give you the publicity you want. You can volunteer to give a speech and let them know some business management ideas. Keep in mind that your speech should not always discuss things about you and your business. You should not do a speech that only advertises your business, your speech should be informative as well.

3) Distribute newsletters for free. Distributing newsletters online needs a very small budget but provides a lot of "bang" for your buck! Newsletters help build a connection to your reader, it's a small step to go from subscriber to customer.

4) Offer an interview. Press people would be delighted if you can inform them that you are willing to do an interview with them whenever their topic is something you know very well. Approach reporters and editors and tell them that they can contact you anytime.

Best yet, sign up to be on the mailing list for "Help A Reporter" or "HARO." It lists all the freelance reporters writing articles or books on various topics that week. It also gives you their contact information. I make it a discipline to contact at least two reporters a week for interviews and I usually get them! How's that for a marketing tips for small businesses that doesn't cost you anything?

5) Send a "letter to the editor." Read the newspaper daily. Not only do you stay on top of your industries news & events, but you can also express your opinion in a letter to the editor. Remember to always be professional in expressing your comments. Use polite words even if you disagree with the article.

6) Offer to teach in a class. Being visible is very important. You can volunteer to teach a class either at a school or an organization on your subject. When you are always visible in these kind of events, people will have the idea that you are expert when it comes to that particular topic. People love to do business with the "perceived" expert in the field. Even if you don't have time to teach a class, agree to be a guest speaker. You still have access to the class without the time commitment of preparation.

7) Write articles and distribute them on the web. Article directories are very popular sites for people who are looking for information on a subject or webmasters looking for more content. Make sure you always include an "about the author" box with a link back to your website.

8) Offer free webinars. Also known as online seminars, a webinar is a great way to increase your online group of followers. One big way to keep people joining your webinars is to offer a lot of online training. You should try to create a schedule that your followers can get used to following and incorporate into their busy schedules. You can also create podcast and videos from these webinars and upload them to your site. That way they also provide even more content for your visitors.

9) Give quality products and services. The best way to get publicity is to make sure that you are offering quality products that your customers would surely enjoy. If your customers are satisfied and contented with the product you provided them, you can expect that they will be the one telling their relatives and friends about you and your company. Remember, producing good quality products is still the best marketing tip for small businesses success.

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