“Dawn Fotopulos’s insights are simply stunning.”
–– Carol Hyatt, NY Times Best Selling Author

“I listened to Dawn and had money in the bank at the end of the year. That’s the first time in 15 years that’s ever happened!”
–– Denise Zitzmann, CEO – Zitzmann Photography

Amy Noelle"Dawn's videos are concise — perfect for us business owners with no extra time on our hands. I can get all the information I need in the time it takes to drink my tea in the morning! Dawn’s instructional method is extremely well thought out. She takes complex ideas and turns them into understandable, tangible concepts everyone can grasp.”

–– Amy Noelle, Cake Designer – Sugar Flower Cake Shop

“Dawn’s course is all about gathering more profits with the same amount of work. Dawn takes out the boring fluff with humor and step-by-step help. Anyone who runs a small business or is thinking about it should use this resource.”
–– Mike Zumchak, Founder & CEO – Easy Excel Classes

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“I hate numbers but Dawn makes it easy and fun. My business partner will be selling the business to me eventually, so it’s crucial I know how to read our financial dashboard. She took all the intimidation out of it.”
–– John Haracopos, Hair Designer – A Private Studio, New York City

Frances Liscio"For me, the ability to watch a short video describing simple accounting fixes is a relief. I don’t have a lot of spare time (who does?) and I also don’t have an MBA. Nonetheless, there are certain business disciplines, like knowing my gross margin, which are crucial to my survival. Every small business owner needs this information."

–– Frances Pelman Liscio, Owner – Punks and Roses Design

“I never understood what it meant to ‘manage accounts receivables.’ My cash flow grew by leaps and bounds after I listened to Dawn.”
–– Stephanie Baxter, Partner – DP Lorana

“After listening to Dawn, I changed my pricing structure. If I hadn’t, I would have been on the road to bankruptcy without even realizing it.”
–– Angela Price, President – Rum Cakes

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“Watching these videos should be required before anyone starts a small business. Dawn’s course has completely changed the way I do business. I’ve started making more money right away just from making one or two small changes in how I priced my services.”
–– Laura Reddy, President – NY3 Design Group

Daniela Weiss"Small Biz Crash Course is an incredible resource for small business owners. It’s like having a private coach on call. You get all the perspective of a seasoned entrepreneur with fortune 500 experience. The information is practical, insightful, and easy to find when you’re in a hurry. Dawn will make you smarter faster than anyone else in the business.”

–– Daniela Weis, Founder – YAFA Marketing and Consulting

“I’ve always had big dreams, but wasn’t sure they were fully attainable until I took Dawn’s course. It was the best investment I could’ve made. Now I have a road map to attain my business goals.”
–– Chris Okada, President & CEO – Okada & Company

“Dawn showed me where my highest potential target audience was. That conversation changed my life. My clients pay me a premium. My hourly income has tripled.”
–– Andi Pema, President – The Tech Man IT Consultant

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