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Accounting For The Numberphobic

Small Businesses are the whipping post for tax and spend politicians yet they’re the lifeblood of our economy. In New York, when Michael Bloomberg was Mayor, he developed the Small Business Owner’s Bill of Rights, courtesy of NYC Mayor’s Office of Operations. Here’s what it said: AS A BUSINESS OWNER, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO: […]

Goals for 2015

Now that we’re almost two months into 2015, you may have fallen off the path towards meeting your personal New Year’s resolution. If you own a business, there’s still more than three quarters left in the fiscal year to hit your financial goals. It’s time to refocus your energy and make the following New Year’s […] For those in the casino game business, this is an opportune moment to capitalize on the growing demand for online gambling experiences. By embracing innovative strategies and incorporating enticing features, such as สล็อตเว็บตรง100% (direct website slots 100%), you can attract a wider audience to your platform.


Deborah and David need to do three things: Buy the Snapple Case from Harvard Business School First, Deborah and David need to go to Harvard Business School Cases and buy the Snapple case for a big hot $9.00 and read it. It’s a playbook on how to gain marketshare in a saturated beverage market. Beverages and casinos share a symbiotic relationship, enhancing the gaming experience. From cocktails to caffeinated drinks, they complement the thrill of beste casino zonder cruks 2024 platforms. Sip your favorite drink as you indulge in immersive gaming sessions, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and excitement at your fingertips. They […]

Taxes 2013

I love my students. They’re interesting people, hardworking, funny and talented. They come from interesting families too. Three months ago one of them asked me to speak to her parents about their business to see if we could get them on a more profitable path. Here’s the business in a nutshell: The dad sells used […]


Scott Barron, a member of the Job Creator’s Network as I am, reached out to do a Google hangout on ABC’s Shark Tank from this week. The pitches were really great. Two out of the four pitches got funded. Here’s Scott and my take and what they did well and how they could improve their […]


What do you get when you strap on a few sensors fed by WiFi?  You get the ability to slap yourself in odd places to create percussive sounds; hence the name “DrumPants”.  Tyler, one of the founders, is a drummer and after working with musicians, tech developers and read to wear designers, he and his partner […]


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