Small Business Online Marketing Techniques

by Dawn Fotopulos on December 22, 2010

Small Business Online Marketing Techniques will save you hours of aggravation!

Need to drive more traffic to your website? Who doesn’t?

Here are a few helpful online marketing techniques that we have proven to be very successful.

Do an audit of all your blog posts.

Online Marketing Technique #1

Blog length: are any posts longer than 500 words? Then edit the one article to create two articles out of  one. If the article is longer than 1000 words, you might be able to create three articles out of one as a series on the same subject. If your posts are longer than 500 words, your visitors will bounce faster.

Online Marketing Technique #2

Internal linking: are there any posts that do not link to other articles within your site? Internal linking will go a long way to encourage your site visitors to engage with your site. You want them to read, linger, click around. Make it easy for them to do that. You’ll be shocked and how much longer your visitors will stay if you add internal links to every one of your blog posts. Just make sure the internal links are relevant and make sense. Your goal is to have visitors stay at least 2 minutes. That’s an eternity on the internet.

Online Marketing Technique #3

Keyword use: are there any posts that do not have a keyword-rich title? How about the URL for that post? Does it have a keyword-rich URL? Make sure your page title or blog title, URL and the very first line in your post or article are keyword-rich.  You should also include keywords in the body of your article or blog posts once a paragraph. Last, be sure to end with your keyword.

Why are these small business online marketing techniques important? Because if you follow this advice, your blog posts or articles will attract more visitors. Why? They’ll have an easier time finding your website online.

Your visitors will also engage more with your site and stay longer.

This article is just the beginning of our group of articles on small business online marketing techniques. Stay tuned as we explore more tips on auditing your existing posts and articles.

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