Small Business Marketing Tip: Add Value to Ordinary Things

by Dawn Fotopulos on December 7, 2011

What can you do with an ordinary, used, plastic soda bottle? This small business marketing tip is to give you new eyes to see the assets you take for granted and be inspired to ask “what if…..?”

This gentleman from the Philippines took the soda bottle garbage that was hanging around the barrio district and brought a miracle to his community. This video is well worth your time. [click to continue…]


Small Business Management Tip: Squeeze Cost of Goods

December 3, 2011 Uncategorized

This small business management tip can also help non-profit fund raising efforts. Meet Christopher. Chris is a sound engineer who wants to raise money for a non-profit called Christ In Action. These guys are first responders in a crisis. Chris wants to raise money for CIA by printing some wonderful photos he’s taken on note [...]

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Small Business Ideas: How to Market Your Mobile Applications

November 29, 2011 Uncategorized

You have created a mobile application for your small business and entered the mobile world, now what? How do you draw more users, get more downloads, and ultimately drive up sales? Relying on app store distribution is not enough, so how can you market your mobile application? 1. Be sure your mobile app reaches across [...]

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Small Business Ideas: How to Track For Your Mobile Applications

November 29, 2011 Small Biz Ideas

Now that you’ve learned about the value of mobile apps for your small business and how to get started building your own app, you will need to track metrics for your mobile apps for effectiveness.  Find out how often users are opening your app, how many downloads you have attained, etc. using these free mobile [...]

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Small Business Ideas: How To Build Mobile Applications For Your Small Business

November 29, 2011 Marketing Tips

We have discussed the value of creating a mobile app for your small business, now learn how to build your own app. Did you know you can build an app for your small business without any previous programming knowledge necessary and it doesn’t have to break the bank?  Several firms offer templates to help you [...]

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Small Business Cash Flow Management: Easy Collections

November 29, 2011 Small Biz Bookkeeping

Cash flow management for small businesses means the difference between survival or failure. Here are more cash flow management tips that will lower your blood pressure and raise your cash levels at the same time!

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Mobile Business Ideas: 5 QR Code Generators

November 24, 2011 Uncategorized

Mobile business ideas should make generating revenues easier, not more complicated. We did some research and Mashable has some great articles on mobile business ideas. These include resources that make creating your own QR code a snap.

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