Small Business Ideas: RightSignature Mobile Application—Fast and Secure E-signatures

by Dawn Fotopulos on January 16, 2012

Mobile applications for small business articles will show you the best apps to save your small business time and money.(Guest Contributor, Celina Durgin)

Contracts aren’t pleasurable reading, so how can you make the process as painless as possible for customers?

The mobile applications available to small businesses in the RightSignature  e-signature package facilitate this process. This small business mobile application gives customers the option to sign documents directly on their smartphone or tablet touchscreens.

TownHog  the leading provider of private label daily deals services, uses RightSignature. This helps merchants quickly and efficiently sign daily deal contracts online.

With RightSignature, our average contract-close time decreased by more than 80 percent, in all markets.

The ease of use, as well as the clean, professional presentation, all have been extremely well-received,” said Joshua Tretakoff, Vice President of Business Development for TownHog.

This is incredible! If you could decrease your average contract-close time by even half of that, say 40%, you could essentially double your revenues or contract closure rates in the same period of time. That’s money in the bank for your small business.

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How does this small business mobile application work?

Blackberry, iPhone, and iPad signing apps are free features of a monthly plan. This plan includes various tools for creating, uploading, and emailing business documents.  When using RightSignature, a small business must:

  1. Choose a document.  Upload the document that needs to be signed as PDF or Word file, or choose a document from a web application (like Google Docs or FreshBooks).
  2. Specify the recipients.  Address the email to each document signer. You can add cc’s as well.
  3. Type and send.  Enter a description in the subject line, include an optional message, and send the email.

An email provides the recipient with a link to a secure page where he or she can sign the document safely.  Businesses also receive emails notifying them when potential clients view the documents.


If a recipient accesses the link using a smartphone or tablet, the app will launch.  The recipient will view the document, agree to the content, and sign with a finger on the touchscreen.  No download is necessary.

Signers may still sign basic documents by printing out a faxable signature page containing a unique barcode, signing with a pen, and faxing to a special RightSignature fax number.

Why RightSignature?

  • It saves time.  Although faxing is still an option, customers who use smartphones or tablets can simply click, read, and sign without having to travel, make phone calls, or wait for faxes.  RightSignature can also save your business time: its tools enable you to send a document out for signing in about one minute.
  • It saves money.  By the time you print, scan, and archive a typical business document (and search for/replace the occasional lost one), the hard copy can cost up to six dollars.  Multiply that price by the number of documents your small business creates each month, and you could easily be spending hundreds of dollars on documents every 30 days.  In comparison, RightSignature’s service costs $14 a month for a basic plan—which may be sufficient for many small businesses—and $50 a month for a more inclusive plan.  The mobile application is a free feature.
  • It is authentic.  The RightSignature mobile application enables customers to preserve the uniqueness of their signatures; the e-signatures done on mobile devices look like they were signed with a pen and paper, not with a keyboard.  If an e-signature needs to be verified, a client can do so by simply comparing it with his own handwriting.

RightSignature’s mobile application for small business saves time, reduces errors, and the risk of fraud when entering into agreements.

If you can decrease your contract close time dramatically, that’s time you can spend finding new customers or developing new products and services. You’ll also be providing superb customer service.

That leads to greater customer loyalty and profitable, long term relationships. This mobile application for small businesses could improve the ability to drive revenues higher in any economy.

Mobile applications for small businesses is just the beginning.

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Thanks, Celina! We’ll be publishing more reviews of the best mobile applications for small businesses.



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