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by Dawn Fotopulos on January 7, 2012

Small business tips are here to inspire and train a new generation of small business owners. Meet Victoria Aviles and her son Richard. I had the privilege to get to know them both when Richard attended a Fast Trac program I was facilitating.

Victoria Aviles is as smart as she is beautiful. She is the head of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. This remarkable woman has grown from sweeping floors to owning the most enviable dry cleaning and tailoring business on the Eastcoast.

Here is their story.

What small business tip can you take takeaway? Attention to detail is the means to the end. That end is making sure Anna Wintour and her peers look camera ready at all times. A loose button or frayed edge is not an option.

The people at Bridge Cleaners are partners in helping you keep your investment clothing in tip top shape for years to come.

Ever try dry cleaning a garment with beading, fur trim, leather or suede trim, or fine silk?

Most dry cleaners will shorten the lifespan of these garments. They are mass production shops that don’t know how to handle unique and complicated designs.

Bridge cleaners specializes in couture care to lengthen the lifespan of your favorite garments.

Their service is unequaled. Victoria once said to me, “when I started the business, I would say to every client, the answser is “yes”, now what is your question?”

What an inspiration she is. I love this woman. When I’m tempted to give up, I think of her.

She took heirloom garments that were stained and damaged and transformed them for a new generation. An heirloom christening outfit was refitted with new lace, silk bows and new life.

Bridge Cleaners took my old fur coat and made it look showroom ready.

For Victoria and Richard, the customer always comes first. That’s the best small business tip you can ever learn.

Victoria doesn’t know it yet, but if I ever get married, I’m taking her with me to fit the perfect wedding dress.



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