How To Build A Great Homepage

by Dawn Fotopulos on March 17, 2013

What’s the secret to building a great homepage? MForwarder is about to find out.

Rick Ma has a successful import export business called MForwarder. He helps companies who want to source manufacturers in Asia find great, dependable, high-quality resources to supply finished or piece goods of any kind.

That may not sound like a big deal, but it is. Just ask all the people who got ripped off doing business with unscrupulous middle men or manufacturers in the Pacific Rim looking to make a quick, dishonest buck.

Rick was born in China and raised in the U.S., so he’s a very effective bridge between cultures.

What Benefit Are You Offering?

MForwarder provides the WD40 in the value chain. He knows who the great manufacturers are. He knows who does quality work and meets deadlines.  He knows all the export import challenges and how to get through the process with the fewest headaches in the shortest time.

His company provides the sleep-at-night factor for importers.

Had I known Rick when I started Bedazzled, Inc., I probably would have manufactured in China. As it was, I didn’t know anyone I could trust.

Knowing Rick would have reduced my cost of goods by at least 60%. On 10,000 T-shirts, profits would have soared on the same level of sales.

Rick’s company just launched a new website and he asked my opinion of the homepage. The link to MForwarder is here.

The challenge with Rick’s homepage is the real benefits of hiring MForwarder are not highlighted.

Here’s how Rick (and you) can make the homepage stand out.

Tip #1:  Ask the questions that keep every importer up at night. Engage the viewer. In any sales “conversation” on or off line, don’t tell first; ask first. That gets the viewer’s brain off auto-pilot.

Tip #2: Provide 3 situations MForwarder handled successfully. These are case studies or mini-stories of problems, solutions, and outcomes.  Each situation should be no more than one short paragraph long.

Describe the challenge, what MForwarder did, what the outcome was. Solomon was right; there’s nothing new under the sun.

Companies will connect more deeply when they realize they have similar problems. They’ll gain confidence in MForwarder knowing it has handled those types of problems successfully before.

Tip #3: Provide testimonials of companies who have used MForwarder’s service and quote their rave reviews. This is non-negotiable. Without client testimonials on your homepage, it’s just you talking about yourself.

“Me, me, me, me….” no one is paying attention. There’s nothing as powerful and compelling as having someone else sing your praises, especially people who are not getting paid to do so.

Does your website follow these simple steps?

In summary, here are three quick tips to improve your website’s engagement.

  1. List the questions or problems your business solves. This proves you “get it”.
  2. Describe three stories where you changed the future for your clients. This proves you’ve been there and your company made the difference.
  3. Quote client responses to your work, in their words. This proves customer satisfaction is real and available to anyone who chooses you over the competition.

In theory, if you do this, it should improve your sales closure rates. That means it’ll take less money and time to generate more revenues. That increases profits faster.

If what we just said sounds like Swahili, watch our training videos. We’ll explain how to make more money in any economy. We’ve done it for hundreds of small businesses. We can do it for you too.

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