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Jenni from the Quick Books Self Employed Community says the following: “I always feel like my prices are too high, yet when I see my competition, their prices are almost double mine. I know my product is at least the same quality if not better, but I have have yet to sell anything.Not sure if […]

We’re celebrating! Come join us live from The King’s College in New York City at 7 PM Eastern Standard Time tonight. Sign on here: Numberphobic Book Rally with Dawn Fotopulos. #knowyournumbers! Change the future of small business!    


Hanley Mellon showcased their beautiful new line of designer ready to wear at the Hudson Mercantile building in New York City.         It was a very elegant affair, with models, posing amidst the beach grass in the center of the room as paparazzi clicked away. The photo above was from Nicole Hanley […]

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Small Business and 911 There were so many casualties that day. My heart goes out to all the families who lost loved ones. One casualty that rarely gets attention is what happened to the small businesses that closed because they couldn’t afford to pay their bills while the area near their stores was devastated by […]

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Joan Rivers on Ed Sullivan Joan Rivers was genuinely funny. I miss her early days when her self-deprecating humor and keen observation of every-day life and relationships made all of us take ourselves far less seriously. She made us laugh when all the evening news would broadcast was the Vietnam War, the gas crisis and […]


Greening your business is a smart move but it also can be an expensive one. Alternative energy sources are often more costly; the same goes for many things marketed as recycled or upcycled. While certainly well worth it considering that big businesses are often capable of doing more to clean up the earth than individuals […]


"Dawn Fotopulos's insights are simply stunning."
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