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Debra S. just bought Accounting for the Numberphobic; A Survival Guide for Small Business Owners and here’s what she wrote: “Omigod! Thank you! Hello Dawn… I’m writing to thank you for taking the time to actually explain Accounting to me in a way that I was able to understand, relate to, and talk to others […]

Most people don’t believe it, but after training thousands of small business owners around the world, these five simple steps are the absolute key to unlocking mountains of cash in your business you didn’t even know were there. • Step One: Pricing • Step Two: Your products or services are losing you money. • Step […]


Mary F. is reading Accounting for the Numberphobic and she wants to know how to account for development costs for her start up business. Here’s her question: “I am reading your book Accounting for the Numberphobic and love it. Do you have a recommended resource for how to account for online businesses such as that […]

Accounting For The Numberphobic

Small Businesses are the whipping post for tax and spend politicians yet they’re the lifeblood of our economy. In New York, when Michael Bloomberg was Mayor, he developed the Small Business Owner’s Bill of Rights, courtesy of NYC Mayor’s Office of Operations. Here’s what it said: AS A BUSINESS OWNER, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO: […]

Goals for 2015

Now that we’re almost two months into 2015, you may have fallen off the path towards meeting your personal New Year’s resolution. If you own a business, there’s still more than three quarters left in the fiscal year to hit your financial goals. It’s time to refocus your energy and make the following New Year’s […]


Deborah and David need to do three things: Buy the Snapple Case from Harvard Business School First, Deborah and David need to go to Harvard Business School Cases and buy the Snapple case for a big hot $9.00 and read it. It’s a playbook on how to gain marketshare in a saturated beverage market. They […]


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