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by Dawn Fotopulos on July 8, 2010

Successful small business ideas mean minimal start-up costs. That traditionally translates into low infrastructure, minimal initial investment, and low fixed costs.

In today’s world, starting a business requires huge investments in technology. Computers, software—it all adds up.

The basic Microsoft Office Online package costs about $400, depending on what you need. The Small Business Edition offered by Microsoft Office costs $50 more than that.

Do you need Quickbooks to manage your accounting? That’s at least another $100—probably a couple hundred dollars, in reality.

You see what happens here. Your “necessities” start to add up.

Your return on investment for these products may be amazing. For example, the time and money you save using Quickbooks instead of paying an accountant or wading through paper records is probably worth the hundreds of dollars.

But are there any savings or discounts from which small business owners can benefit?

The answer is a resounding “YES!”

Financial expert Clark Howard points out some alternatives on his website.

For example, he highlights that offers “the newest version of its office suite-style software for free.”

But the world runs on Microsoft Word…is’s software compatible with Word?

If used correctly, it most certainly is.

Do you spend a lot of time and energy making appointments? Networking can be easier.

Howard recommends It provides online appointment scheduling software…for free.

With, customers can make their own appointments with you online. then sends automatic confirmations.

You provide flexibility to your clients while working fewer hours and requiring fewer employees.

Here are some more examples of “freeware” that can help you to implement your small business ideas:

1. Open Source Web Design – Provides free web design templates for you to download

2. Visual Studio Express – Provides free programming software

3. MindMeister– Provides free online brainstorming and mapping tools

4. NaturalReader– Provides free text-to-voice software

5. PLCash – Provides free software to manage your personal finances

6. Media-Convert – Provides free software to convert video, image, or audio files

7. ByteScout– Provides free internet research software

8. H-Lounge – Provides free music production software

9.– Provides free image software

10. Envisioneer Express– Provides free architectural design software

11. Urban Fonts – Provides free font downloads

12. Evrsoft – Provides free website builder software

13. Rainlendar – Provides a free customizable desktop calendar

14. GnuCash– Provides free accounting software

15. Free Conference Call– Provides free conference call technology

These are just a few examples of free computer products that can support your small business ideas.

Check out Clark for more “freeware.”


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