Small Business Ideas: How to Market Your Mobile Applications

by Kelsy Harms on November 29, 2011

You have created a mobile application for your small business and entered the mobile world, now what? How do you draw more users, get more downloads, and ultimately drive up sales? Relying on app store distribution is not enough, so how can you market your mobile application?

1. Be sure your mobile app reaches across platforms so that iPhone, Android, and Blackberry users all have access to your app.

2. Use QR codes to bring customers directly to your app. Be sure there is something there to immediately grab their attention whether that be a coupon code or offer-something to convince them it is worth downloading your app. Learn how QR codes can maximize your mobile technology.

3.  Take advantage of SMS/Text Messaging to spread the word to your customers about the release of your new app. You can send the URL link via text message directly to their phones making it easy to download after reading your text.

4. Through Location-Based Marketing you can encourage customers to download your app after checking-in to your business.

5. Promote your app through social media such as Facebook and Twitter as well as on your webpage and in your newsletters.

6. Launch big! When you launch you app, blast it to all your networks, give our promo codes for downloads, offer incentives for people to share your app with their friends, and if you can try to time the launch with a large event you might be holding to boost exposure.

Most importantly, you need to offer incentives on your app for customers to keep returning.  Many apps once downloaded are never viewed again.  Yours needs to be unique and engaging, offering additional value beyond what you offer on your website. Sure there are plenty of firms that will market your app for you, but as a small business you can follow the tips above you can create a successful app marketed for free. If you engage customers with user friendly interaction and provide a reason for them to come back, they will!

For more helpful tips on building mobile apps for your small business keep reading.

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