Small Business Resources: Your Guide to Health Care Legislation

by Elisabeth Suzio on August 15, 2011

The new health care legislation has a lot of small business owners scratching their heads.

What does this mean for your small businesses health insurance? What can you do to avoid any surprises in 2014?

Bobbi Rubinstein, a Senior Associate at Haese & Wood Marketing and Public Relations, gave us a great tip on where to find these answers.

Foundation for Health Coverage Education is a small business owner’s go-to guide.  They are the best resource for when you are trying to make sense of  all the programs that are available.

FHCE is a facilitator, connecting you with the programs that are the most relevant.

And they will keep you current with all the changes that will be coming for small businesses in 2014, the year most of this legislation will be put into place.

One doesn’t have to be fluent in the language of health care to understand the programs they connect you with either. They provide you with a glossary of key terms to help you navigate the most important small business health insurance issues.

So how does it work? This site starts you out with a quick 5 question quiz that determines which types of programs you are eligible for and what would best fit your needs.

If you still have questions then dial up their 24-hour hotline. This has been set up for users to access 24/7 in order to talk to a real person about their specific small business health insurance needs.

The FHCE hotline, which is available in 150 languages, has three functions:

1) Describe the public or private options for which the caller may be eligible

2) Connect a caller to representatives from various plans

3) Help find special resources pertaining to a caller’s unique health insurance eligibility situation

This really is a one-stop shop for small business owners needing health care solutions.

From group to individual plans or private to public plans, FHCE has a handle on the pulse of the health care industry and can make recommendations to fit your needs.

This California-based company is useful for any small business owner, regardless of geographic location. They have state-by-state listings of health care programs available.

Thank you Bobbi Rubinstein for directing us to these small business health insurance tips.  If you would like to contact Bobbi or her company, please see below.

Bobbi Rubinstein
Senior Associate
Haese & Wood Marketing and Public Relations


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