eMarketing- Hoppit Launches!

by Dawn Fotopulos on October 26, 2011

If you haven’t seen Hoppit.com, you’ve got to check it out. Are you a foodie? Do you like hip restaurants? Are you a wine expert? Hoppit.com will make recommendations based on YOUR preferences.

Do you need a place to meet a friend who loves great coffee and is a vegetarian? Hoppit will find it in your neighborhood.

Need a romantic place that’s not too pricey but has great vibes? Hoppit will find that too. The Hoppit recommendation engine blows Yelp away. It puts local search on steroids.

Go here: www.hoppit.com

Sign on. It’s free!

Click on the buttons that are “so” you. That sets your profile.

Then Hoppit shows you places that suit your fancy.

Or write reviews when you’ve had a really great experience. Or not.

Or add your favorite place to Hoppit.com so other people can know what’s perfect for them.

It’s the next level of getting what you love without the noise.

Our students of The King’s College are in a contest to see how many reviews they can write in two weeks. Woohoo! May the best “house” win!

Keep your eye on Hoppit. Steve and his team are reinventing what it means to have resources pre-screened just for you.

Yelp is kelp.

Hoppit? Love you guys!


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