Mobile Business Ideas: QR Code Explained

by Dawn Fotopulos on November 20, 2011

Mobile business ideas will help you maximize mobile technology to find new customers. One of the newer developments both online and offline is the QR or “Quick Response” code. Here’s an example below.


It looks like a piece of modern art to me! Each one is unique.

The data it  holds is the key to all kinds of deals and information.

This little square is scanable using a mobile phone. It can instantly provide all kinds of useful or promotional information to perspective customers who scan it using their mobile phones.

They scan, click, and buy. No more need to insert URL codes in a browser.

The technology behind a QR code is like the bar code on your grocery items.

When your groceries are scanned at the check out counter, the register automatically tells the cashier how much your item cost, if it was on sale, what it is, etc.

QR codes are like those bar codes but with more flexibility.

You’ve probably started to see these odd looking black and white squares popping up in unlikely places like store windows, on the selling floor at big retailers, on restaurant menus and online.

The square holds the QR code behind it.

You just can’t see it until you scan the square. Then a whole new world pops up on your iPhone or Droid!

If you don’t have scanning capability (I don’t on my old Samsung phone), then you can’t see that hidden world of deals.

Here are three benefits of this mobile business idea:

  • If you scan it with your smart phone, the QR code will automatically send all kinds of information to you.
  • It might tell you about a special deal or a mobile business idea only available to people who scan the code.
  • It totally eliminates the need for newspaper advertising or paper-based coupons.

A student of mind who works at Macy’s in New York scans these codes whenever she sees them on a poster in a department.

That way, she uncovers all kinds of secrets deals and coupons for items in that department. Sometimes deals last only a short time. That incents the potential customer to buy sooner than later.

The code also provides a lot of information to the retailer. It allows the retailers to customize promotions or to change them at a moment’s notice without all the fuss.

If you’re a retailer, here’s how you benefit:

  • It also tells the retailer how frequently people have scanned the code. Some QR code generator companies include back-end so you can really see how successful your mobile application promotions are.
  • The world is going mobile these days. People between the ages of 15 and 25 years old think desktop AND laptop computers are ancient technology.
  • Smart phones are fast becoming the primary device through which everyone is getting and sending communication and information.
  • A QR code is one way to connect populations in the real world with online deals and data.

How can a small business take advantage of this technology?

We’ll give you at six mobile business ideas that can help drive new revenues to your online or offline business.

How does a small business create a QR code? You’ll find several QR code generators and scanners to help you create your own QR code without bankrupting you. We’ll compare and contrast their relative strengths and weaknesses.

Not all QR codes are created equal and you’ll want the best resource for your business.

Here are 5 QR code generators that make it really easy to generate your own QR codes to promote your business to mobile audiences.


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