Small Business Tip: The Power of Customer Testimonies

by Dawn Fotopulos on March 7, 2012

Helen is an amazing massage therapist. She does deep tissue massage and knows when to coax those muscles loose and when to back off.

When she worked on someone’s neck or back, they didn’t just feel better, they were better. I know. I was one of her big fans.

To me the test is always the day after. If I’m not in pain, the therapist knows her craft.

Recently, Helen got to know Miriam, a woman who worked out at the same health club. Miriam had some neck issues, so she booked an appointment with Helen. What happened next you can’t imagine…It only took a day. Helen texted Miriam and asked how she was feeling.

Miriam responded as follows:

“I don’t know what you did, but I slept like a new-born. You’re not a normal massage therapist, you’re a healer. I’m telling everyone I know about you.”

Miriam is in her own business and knows the immediate world. Helen describes her as “the town crier”.

Yes! We love clients like this! They become our free sales force.

Within a week, she contacted five friends and relatives.

They all booked appointments with Helen.

One guy’s a dancer, someone else is a stressed- out real estate agent, yet another works on Wall Street staring at computer screens all day long.

They all share one thing in common; their bodies are tired and run down.

Miriam is so thrilled with Helen, she’s booked several appointments in advance.

The most important business tip to remember is, when people are thrilled with the work you’ve done, they will refer others out of their enthusiasm.

You must capture what they say about you. That drives your sales and revenues.

Customer testimonials are so important to gaining an accurate view of the value you bring.

Here are some bankable small business tips to remember.

Write the quotes down. Sprinkle them on your website or in brochures or even on your business card. These testimonials could provide the key to your positioning in the marketplace.

Post them on your bathroom mirror to remind you of how terrific you really are when you’re having a bad day.

They provide important clues on how you are better and different than your competitors.

Every time someone praises your work, you must find a way to capture those comments like the priceless jewels that they are.

An unpaid endorsement is the most important,  honest reflection of the skills you bring to the world.

A testimonial from someone who has no vested interest is far more powerful than an advertisement, especially in this tightly social networked world.

Use someone else’s voice to telegraph your value to the world.

One client, Miriam, will probably bring Helen more than ten clients within two months.

Miriam gets to look like a hero to her friends and colleagues.

And guess what just happened to Helen’s revenues? They went parabolic.

So can your revenues if you follow our advice here.

So the best small business tip is this; if customers don’t offer testimonials on their own, don’t be afraid to ask them why they bought from you instead of the competition.

You’ll be amazed at what you learn.

Your revenues will be more predictable in the long run and your client retention will be far higher.

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In your corner, as always.

Dawn Fotopulos




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