How To Write A Tweet That Gets Retweeted

by Dawn Fotopulos on August 16, 2012

It’s Easy to Write A Tweet That Gets Noticed

Are you stuck in Twitter purgatory like I was? I crafted 700 tweets. Yes, I counted. They were not spammy. They were real, content-rich tweets. And they went nowhere. No retweets. No link love. Nada.

It was like giving a party, the table was set with wonderful food, and no one came. How can one rise above the growing volume of useless chatter?

Melea Seward, my resident social media guru, gave me some pointers I thought I’d share with you. They really helped.

How to Write a Tweet That Get Retweeted

  • Tweet right after you’ve posted a new article. Invite people to come when it’s new and relevant. That’s all a tweet is; an invitation.
  • Don’t start your tweet with a hashtag. It looks  spammy.
  • Be specific. Don’t say “here are ten tips to better abs”. Better to be specific, “If you want tighter abs, eat less gluten. Feel free to read our other nine tips here (link to your article)”
  • Always include a link to where you want people to go. Make it easy for them to get there.
  • Be incredibly helpful. Others will retweet you if you are.
  • Respect your audience. They know the difference.
  • Get a reputation for real content. If you start a tweet with “you’ll be shocked at this…” you’ll be branded as “that guy” who sends tweets that need to be ignored.
  • People are burned-out on hype. Be anti-hype.
  • Develop ten tweets for each article and drip them out over ten days. enables you to schedule tweets. It easier to craft the tweets when the article content is fresh in your mind. It’ll take less time.
  • Use a different point from the article for each tweet. You don’t want to sound like a broken record.

Good Twitter Hygiene

I always send followers and retweeters a thank you direct message. It matters.

I’ve been retweeted quite a few times by people I’ve never met. I always return the favor.

Try out this strategy for a week and let me know what happens.

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In your corner as always,

Dawn Fotopulos


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