Small Business Tip: Capture Customer Testimonials

by Dawn Fotopulos on August 20, 2012

No small business tip is more important than this one:

Capture customer testimonials.

They are THE BEST free adverting you can get. Why? Because you’re not paying for them. They are the most objective and the most credible in attracting new customers.
Here’s the best testimonial written by a Chipotle big-time fan.
This comes from one of my beloved students, Shannae Murray.
Chipotle, are you listening?

Chipotle Testimonial

“Growing up in a small town in Western, NY my entire life, I never knew what Chipotle was until I moved to NYC for my undergrad.  
My college was in the Empire State Building and so was Chipotle.  When you are on lunch break or class break for 45 minutes, you want something for lunch (or dinner) that tastes great, is fresh, that provides a great atmosphere.
You can get away from work and just sit and chat with your friends.  The Chipotle located at 350 5th Ave. provided just that. 
It’s street level, so it was easy to get to and though there was a line for lunch, they run it so quickly and efficiently in an assembly line layout, I never felt like I was waiting forever.  It gave me a good amount of time to decide what I wanted.

How Customers Relate to Your Brand: Stories

“Fast forward 6 years…I have graduated, moved out west to Spokane, WA temporarily (there was no Chipotle out here to satisfy my tastebuds) and am now back to the great state of New York; this time in Ithaca. 
Before moving here, I thought naturally there would be a Chipotle since it is a bustling college town. 
There wasn’t…until the glorious day, February 22, 2012.  When I found out that the building they were constructing downtown was going to be turned into a Chipotle”. 

How Loyal Customers Use Social Media to Spread the Word

“I squealed in excitement and texted all my friends who were still living in NYC. 
Naturally, they all shared in my excitement. 
I love Chipotle not only because of their fresh, organic ingredients that they serve from sustainable practices, but also because it’s nostalgic.  It was our go-to place for four years.  
We laughed, cried, and had dates in “our” Chipotle.  Even though I can’t be in NYC with my friends eating that delicious eat-some-now, save the rest for later burrito bowl, I can definitly count on at least one of them getting it for lunch the same day as me. 
If we could eat it everyday without gaining 300 lbs, we would”.
What’s a Loyal Customer Worth

Wow. A loyal Chipotle customer is probably worth thousands of dollars. My students ate there at least three times a week.

Have you surveyed your customers for wonderful feedback you can quote on your webpage, brochure, or business card? Don’t miss the opportunity!

You can read more about the power of customer testimonies here.

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In your corner as always,

Dawn Fotopulos


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