Get Customers to Read Your Email Every Time!

by Dawn Fotopulos on August 14, 2012

Are you sending email to customers, only to discover they just aren’t reading it?

You may be offering terrific products and services, but somehow they aren’t interested.

Try not to take it so personally: most people receive hundreds of emails daily.

Your email has only a few seconds to grab someone’s attention.

And remember, if they don’t recognize the sender instantly or the subject line doesn’t appeal to them - they probably won’t open it.

Don’t get frustrated, and don’t despair over these statistics. Instead, use them to your advantage, knowing that they treat your competition the same way. You want them to open your email instead of your competition’s.

So what can you do - to make your email stand out from the pack so it gets read?

Get personal. No, we don’t mean saying something personal or private about them!

But say something that touches their heart or encourages them to respond.

Think about how your products or services help or solve problems - and tap into this hope or fear that people have most. That personal appeal will most likely have people reading your email and responding with an order or the desire to set up an appointment.

Keep your email short and sweet.

You’ve probably seen those super long web pages that sell products or services; they literally go on for pages, listing benefits and testimonials. While they may be appealing, an email you want to get straight to the point. Your email should be short and sweet. A few paragraphs at the most. Remember that most people will give your email just a few seconds - and if when they open it they see it is super long, they probably will press “Delete” even if your product is super terrific.

What exactly is “in it for them?”

Think W-I-I-F-M ? Not everyone is a great writer but most of us can write an email. We’re about to share the BIGGEST secret with you to write an email that will grab your customer’s attention right away. Every word, every sentence, every paragraph should focus on W-I-I-F-M, that’s What’s In It For Me? So why should someone buy this product or service?

But remember…you don’t have to use “hard sell tactics.”

Some think that only “hard sell” tactics will work. That you have to perform some type of marketing magic to get people to respond. But most of the time what really appeals to people is writing that is natural, that sounds like a conversation. So leave the used car salesman razzle dazzle elsewhere.

Imagine your customer in front of you, what would you say to them to tell them about this product or service?

Test your email’s effectiveness. Here’s how…

Show your email to a few coworkers, friends and family members before you send it out. While your Mom may always say “It’s terrific!” others may have more specific feedback. They may notice something you forgot to mention, like free shipping or 24 hour customer service. Don’t forget the test drive, often this is one of the most valuable things you can do for any customer emails you want to send out.

It’s a fact that your customers need you.

They need and want your products and services. If they’ve subscribed to your newsletter or “updates” list, they did so to keep informed about your products and services. They actively want information about your company. It is up to you - your company - to provide them with this information they so desperately want.

Simply remember that they do want the information provided to them in a way that is appealing for them, that makes this information easy and fun to read.

But don’t ever question that your customers do need you!

What are you waiting for? Go email your customers NOW!

Lawrence Reaves writes for Galorath, a software company that provides project management software to companies to help prepare and manage theri projects. For more information about this software or the company visit this site. Thanks, Lawrence!


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