Help for New Businesses: Interview with Beth Brodsky

by Dawn Fotopulos on October 29, 2012

The best help for new businesses usually comes from people who are already in the trenches. We caught up with Beth Brodsky, Founder and President of BOrganized LLC. (I love the Florence Kennedy quote on the  homepage “Don’t agonize, organize!”).

If Beth’s last name sounds familiar, it might be because she is the daughter of famed entrepreneur, Norm Brodsky. But she’s forging her own future in a completely different business, personal organizing.

We interviewed Beth who gave us honest insights about her entrepreneurial journey. So how do you go from being a District Attorney to starting a professional organizing business?

How did you get into this business?

Beth Brodsky: I went to Law School because like a lot of entrepreneurs I was unsure of what I wanted to do with my career. After a few years working as an Assistant District Attorney I realized that nothing is better than working for yourself and I took the plunge into the unknown.

Three Takeaway Tips

#1: Start a business in something you’re good at and something you love.

It’s a pretty big leap from practicing law as a District Attorney to starting a personal organizing business.  Beth may have launched into the unknown, but not into the unfamiliar. She loves to organize. It’s in her blood. She’s good at it.

She knows it improves the quality of life for her clients. To her credit, she didn’t just rest on the opinions of friends and relatives who are never objective anyway.

# 2: Get certified in your discipline.

Beth took a certification course with an expert so she could turn her hobby in to a professional credential. She needed the “Good Household” seal of approval to be credible in this new industry. That’s what certifications do.  They establish you.

Certifications are not degrees so they usually cost far less and take less time to complete than a degree program. They are usually skill-specific short courses ranging from several weeks to several months. Often, you can find them online. The best ones will be recommended by industry trade associations.

These certificate or certification programs are issued by qualified, objective third parties. The certificate communicates to the world that the person who holds this certification has passed relevant requirements and is qualified to serve clients in this field.

For example, Beth took Julie Morgenstern’s workshop “Organizing from the Inside Out” and touts that on her website.

#3: Join your local or national professional organization.

Beth joined the National Association of Professional Organizers so she could more easily join the “tribe” of organizers. Who knew this organization even existed? In fact, most professions have an organization that brings them together. Even people who make balloon animals have an organization, according to Seth Godin.

If you’re not a member of your trade or professional organization, you need to fix that. The network is invaluable and Beth knows it. It will provide help for new businesses and get you moving in the right direction right away.

Online connections are rarely a good substitute for face to face relationships.

If you want to turn your hobby into a business, follow Beth’s lead. Take a course or get a certification in what you want to do. It reduces the purchasing risk for new clients. They’ll look at you with greater credibility. It’ll be easier to generate revenues.

If your competition is certified, it’s minimum cost of entry for you.

If your competition isn’t certified, then this distinguishes you as a professional and might help you close more business and turbo-charge revenues.

Beth offers us some help for new businesses because she is a solopreneur wearing all the hats.

In our next article, we asked her what keeps her up at night and how she finds new customers. The most valuable help for new businesses drives up revenues and reduces risk. Don’t miss the great advice Beth gave us.

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