6 Numbers that Drive the Success of Your Small Business

December 3, 2014 Small Business Advice

Gina Bianchini of Mightybell asked what specific measures do I look at regularly. Here’s what I said in answer to her question: Key measures that drive a small business are super helpful and not that complicated: Net Income Statement #1: Revenues- how they’re trending month to month; year to year #2: Gross Margin Percentage- Gross […]

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Save A Dollar; Make A Dollar

November 28, 2014 Cash Flow

Larry Janesky is my hero. I quote him in my new book, Accounting for the Numberphobic; A Survival Guide for Small Business Owners (AMACOM Books). He runs a $100 million dollar operation in Seymour Connecticut called Basement which he started with zero cash. This week he gives small business advice on the difference between revenues […]

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How To Protect Gross Margin With A Service Business

November 26, 2014 Small Business Accounting

These great questions were asked by Clyde Gooden of Geeks or US who is trying to figure out how profitable a client is. How do I account for opportunity costs? More specially, how do I account for travel time when I drive to a client location? COGS? What dollar value do I assign to this? […]

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How A Hair Salon Can Get More Customers

November 25, 2014 Marketing Tips

Joanne of the Quickbooks Self Employed community, is a hair dresser. She wants to grow her customer base. Here’s what I said to her: Joanne, you know, the best place to find gold is where it’s already been found! The key to building a loyal customer base is building on the customers who already know […]

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Three Small Business Tips for A Start Up

November 23, 2014 Social Media

Cathy from Quickbooks Self-employed has an amazing business helping others thrive after cancer therapy through art. Her website is here: She asked how she should focus her business which involves selling journals and coaching. Here’s what I wrote to her: “Hi Cathy, What a personal story you have. I was zooming through comments and stopped […]

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Small Business Advice and Tips on Pricing

November 11, 2014 Small Biz Strategy

Jenni from the Quick Books Self Employed Community says the following: “I always feel like my prices are too high, yet when I see my competition, their prices are almost double mine. I know my product is at least the same quality if not better, but I have have yet to sell anything.Not sure if […]

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Accounting for the Numberphobic; Book Rally!

October 7, 2014 Small Business Accounting

We’re celebrating! Come join us live from The King’s College in New York City at 7 PM Eastern Standard Time tonight. Sign on here: Numberphobic Book Rally with Dawn Fotopulos. #knowyournumbers! Change the future of small business!    

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