Three Ways to Cut Expenses

December 31, 2014 Small Business Advice

I’m on a mission to cut expenses this year. Truth be told, I’ve been sloppy and have not paid attention to fees and charges in 2014 like I should have. I was racing around the country promoting Accounting for the Numberphobic; A Survival Guide for Small Business Owners. Now it’s time to save money. One of […]

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6 Holiday Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

December 13, 2014 Cash Flow

It’s the peak of the holiday season and small businesses are looking forward to finishing the year strong. Although your customers are excited about spreading cheer, they’re also looking for the perfect gifts this season. According to National Retail Federation, it’s expected for 2014 holiday sales to be $616.9 billion, which is a 4.1 percent […]

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Shop Small All Year- Here’s Why

December 11, 2014 Small Business Advice

It was so much fun being on Doug Stephan’s Good Day Show last week talking about Small Business Saturday. The AMEX Open folks started this movement in 2010 to encourage shoppers to make their purchases with locally owned small businesses. According to Verizon Small Business, it matters for three reasons: The multiplier effect in your […]

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The American Small business Owner; Endangered Species

December 10, 2014 Small Business Advice

It’s amazing the stories one hears when having brunch with friends who own a small business. “We have to do business with seven city agencies to keep our doors open” one retail store owner laments. One agency wants the pipes behind dry wall, the other says the pipes have to be exposed. I get charged […]

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Holiday Stress? How to Keep A Sense of Humor…

December 10, 2014 Marketing Tips

Missouri Star Quilt Company is now one of the happy places I go online. I don’t like quilting and I have no idea how to quilt. That’s not the point. This small business has a fabulous sense of humor that’s an example for rest of us as we Grinch around holiday shopping. Here’s the shipping notice […]

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Small Business Top 10 Wishlist

December 8, 2014 Small Business Advice

Team DF has compiled this amazing top 10 small business wishlist. The costs are minimum, but the returns can be huge. Don’t just buy gifts this Christmas; make investments in people’s futures. All the books and resources below are designed to help small business owners thrive in any economic environment. Business Cards, $19.99+ These […]

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3 Tips To Say Thank You to Your Small Business Customers

December 6, 2014 Small Business Advice

Small Business Saturday might be over, but the shopping season has just begun. So what’s a great, low cost way to say “thank you” to your best customers? First, get the right perspective. Look at what’s important from the customer’s point of view. Second, record their birthdays, anniversaries or other life events they mark as […]

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