Time for a Crash Course

Remember when you first learned how to drive a car?

You hit that magical age, full of anticipation and wonder. After months of training and practice, you finally earned your coveted prize: a driver’s license!

By law, you were required to receive at least 30 hours of driving instruction prior to receiving your license. Yet you weren’t required to get ANY training before starting your own business.

Your passion put you behind the wheel of solopreneurship on Day One, forcing you to learn along the way.

Unfortunately, trial and error isn’t the best way to learn how to run a business. Imagine the destruction you would’ve wrought if you were forced to use trial and error to learn the rules of the road.

A little training in the beginning could’ve spared you many of the problems your business is facing today. Luckily, you still have options.

It’s Never Too Late for a Crash Course

A crash course is a rapid and intense course of training, usually undertaken in an emergency. If your business is struggling to stay afloat, THAT’S an emergency.

BestSmallBizHelp.com’s Small Biz Crash Course was uniquely created for struggling small business owners like you. Business analyst and turnaround expert Dawn Fotopulos will help kick your business into high gear.

In the last post, you learned how to make sense of your financial dashboard. Remember, your dashboard includes three key gauges:

  1. Your profit and loss statement
  2. Your cash flow statement
  3. Your balance sheet

All three are essential for the success of your business. Each answers a different and important question about the ability of your business to function successfully to go the distance.

You need ALL three of these gauges to give you a complete picture of what’s happening while running your business.

If you can’t read and understand your business’s control panel, you won’t know how to interpret the warning signs that failure is imminent. Nor will you be able to identify when true financial growth and opportunity are right there in your path.

Small Biz Crash Course

Dawn’s Small Biz Crash Course includes 15 short online video lessons. These lively training sessions explain each and every part of your financial dashboard, breaking everything down into plain English.

View them anytime, as often as you like. At only 5-7 minutes each, they’re the perfect length to watch whenever you have a free moment — a rarity when you own your own business.

There’s also 21 bonus videos that offer an arsenal of marketing and sales tips. These bite-sized techniques will enable you to operate your business on a whole new level.

The dream of being your own boss, paying bills easily, and supporting your household for years to come is truly within your reach.

Now is the time to stop driving blindly and start paying attention to what your business is trying to tell you.

Learn what 95% of small business owners miss in just a few hours.

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Dawn Fotopulos is a successful entrepreneur herself who’s held senior positions in banking, product marketing, and real estate development. She’s gained notoriety in several cities across the US for her talks on Accounting for the Number-Phobic.