Talk Tuesdays! Topic: Getting Everything Done!

by Dawn Fotopulos on November 15, 2010

This Tuesday, we launched our Twitter Campaign called “Talk Tuesdays.” It’s about reaching out to small business owners via Twitter and asking them to send their challenges to us. We can help.

Here’s what Beth Barany a.k.a. @bethbookcoach from had to say:

“My biggest challenge: getting everything done!”

If you really get down to it, 80% of your time is eaten up with 20% of your activities. What are those activities that are crucial to your business and your personal life? Not what is urgent, but what is very, very important?

I’ve turned businesses around with this kind of analysis. Then take a look at those 20% activities. How long does it take you to do those activities? Is it taking you longer or shorter than last year? What can you streamline? Is there software that will save you time?

What can you delegate? Can you hire someone to take care of paperwork so all you have to do is check it? Is there someone like Red Rover Public Relations you can hire to magnify your voice online every week to keep your brand alive while you do other things?

Can you hire a bookkeeper to organize and reconcile your accounts every month? Most small businesses need this kind of help and never reach for it. They think it costs too much money, yet they throw away thousands of dollars on online advertising or sales efforts that are rarely fruitful.

I have a bookkeeper and she saves my sanity. She also frees me up to do revenue producing activity, like writing articles and giving talks.

Do this: split your activities between revenue producing and non revenue producing. Now look at the non revenue producing activity. What can you delegate? For every hour you spend on the non revenue producing activities, your opportunity cost goes through the stratosphere.

Try it for one month. Hire someone to do your books for you. Hire someone to tweet for you. You take that time to schmooze existing customers, get their feedback, write thank you letters and publish on your site. Ask what the return on investment is for your time.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised, especially if you have terrific people like we do supporting your efforts.

Red Rover PR magnifies our voice online. They reach out to our audience to highlight articles and events we’re publishing. It frees me up to have meetings with strategic partners who could easily become sponsors.

And Red Rover does a fabulous job, don’t you agree?

A few thoughts for the day. Always feel free to ask. Watch our marketing strategy videos to learn very efficient ways to double your profits without spending a dime on marketing.

Yes, it’s possible. We’ve done it in the real world. We show you how in the videos.

Thanks for asking!

Warm regards,
Dawn Fotopulos
President and Editor-in-Chief

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