How to Monetize Your Blog or Website; #Small Biz Panel

by Dawn Fotopulos on September 23, 2012

Cracking the Code of Social Media sponsored a panel discussion yesterday called “Cracking the Code of Social Media.  Don’t we ALL need this? I’m exhausted just thinking about all the social media platforms. Tom Ford, Managing Editor of Forbes was our host.

I’m glad I went. The tuna sushi was pretty terrific too.  Here’s the scoop from the panel.


#Small Biz Panel

The panel included; Ilya Pozin of, Scott Gerber of Young Entrepreneur’s Council, David Smith of Techscape, Michelle Maddock of, Mike Darne head of Branded Search at Capital One, Bess Wyrick, Founder of Celadon and Celery, and Susan Linder of Emerging Media.

Small Business Advice

The 8 most memorable small business tips were: 


1) Advertisers want access to your list of engaged power users of your brand. Build a relationship with the visitors to your site.  Are they commenting? Are they asking questions? Engage your users. Make them collaborators.

2) The money’s in the list of relevant users. There was one blogger present who has a list of 3.5 million rabid newsletterreaders. She beat Instagram! You should have seen the investors who were present. They made a B-line for this lady. They said “you can make tens of millions of dollars from that list”.  Build your list. We use AWeber to do it.

3) Give high value away for free to build your list. Even a free video with useful content is enough to get people to provide their contact information. Then, stay in touch once a week to build trust in the relationship.

4) Email addresses are the most important asset you can capture. If visitors only have patience to give you one bit of information, ask for their first name and email address.

5) Build a referral path from emails. If everyone on your list forwarded your newsletter to ten other people, which is really easy to do in today’s world, your referral sources to your blog or app will go up ten fold overnight. If people love what you do, they’ll return the favor.

6) Offer premium content if people become fans on Facebook. Leonard Lauder never gave information away without getting information in return. Neither should you.

7) Don’t forget about the 99%. Online, a 1% conversion rate might be low, but it’s normal. What about the people who land on your squeeze page, but don’t buy? Do you capture their contact information so you can build a relationship with them?Find a way to answer their questions. They’re interested. They’re engaged. They’re golden.

Most of us don’t buy right away. We like to test the waters. I know I rarely buy right away unless someone I trust recommends something.

The 99% is your future network and revenue stream.  Just because they didn’t buy this time, they might buy after you build some trust with them.

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