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by Dawn Fotopulos on July 20, 2011

Small business IT help is not easy to find when you’re in a jam.

Has your computer ever crashed just as you are finishing that twenty page proposal? Have you signed into to your email to discover a virus has wormed its way into your address book and sent an email to all your professional contacts about a new porn site that also promises deeply-discounted Viagra?

It’s happened to all of us. Small business IT help can mean the difference between staying in business or losing everything. This post introduces you to

It’s not only a great service, but its staff is are in North America. How’s that for novel! And they’re available when YOU need them. There’s no Bermuda Triangle phone tree. They are fluent in English and make technical language easy to understand.

Computer crashed? Working until 2AM? They’re available 24/7.

For a small monthly fee or on an as-needed basis, they’ll check your computer remotely and get you up and running as soon as possible. Think of their help desk as a “computer doctor” on call.

The experts who man their small business IT help desk are professional and won’t give up until your problem is fixed. Some friends of mine who run a sales outfit swear by them.

Small business IT help also includes having a file and software backup plan. If you buy a laptop computer that already has operating and application software loaded on it and the laptop fails, you lose all your software. Yikes!

Losing that software can mean hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars. If you can’t recover it, your P & L Statement will get the bends from spending twice as much money for something you’ve already purchased.  (By the way, if don’t know much about a P & L, check out our training videos! Quick help to the rescue! has you covered. It will backup every single file, operating, and application software you own,  automatically. You won’t have to fear you’ll lose your files or the software you’ve paid for. Consider the monthly fee of roughly $20 as very inexpensive (but effective) insurance.

That’s a great way to get small business IT help, reduce risk, and reduce costs at the same time.

If you want to learn other ways to cut expenses and make your profits soar, watch our training videos. We’ve got a library full of videos ready to get you up-to-speed!

And if you get stuck, don’t panic! Just hit our Panic Button to reach the best small business help desk anywhere on the web.

It’s free for now and our experts are waiting to help you!

At Best Small Biz, we are The Solopreneur’s Lifeline. ™



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