Marketing Your Small Business: Facebook Advertising

by Elisabeth Suzio on September 24, 2011

Marketing your small business can be a confusing ordeal. There are so many options available and it can be difficult to put together an advertising plan that would be the most effective for your small business. Here at Best Small Biz Help, we understand this and our experts are here to help!

Today we will be looking at whether or not Facebook advertising is right for your business. Our Social Media/ Online Marketing Guru, Melea Seward and In-House Small Business Expert and Coach, Dawn Fotopulos have brought us the tips below on marketing your small business through Facebook.

Tune in tomorrow to see why Google ads might be more beneficial to your small business, or how to use them in conjunction with Facebook ads.

Advantages of Facebook Ads

1) Allow you to target local markets

  • There is a tremendous amount of demographic data that Facebook gathers. The ads allow you to use that to your advantage.

2) You can create an ad around your company’s fan page

  • If someone is looking at an ad that appears on their Facebook page and they see that seven of their friends like a business, product, service, band, etc., they may click because there is social proof that they might also enjoy it. And, as a bonus, they may end up liking your page too.

3)  Allows you to target people by social relationships

  • Again, users are influenced by what their friends are into. And Facebook gives you a variety of predictive variables when placing ads, such as geography, age, and education level.

4) Drives down cost of acquisition

  •  The World Journalism Institute  uses Facebook Fan Pages extensively to advertise their one-week intensives held at The King’s College every year, and it has driven down their cost of acquisition. They receive large number of inquiries which makes for a higher Return On Investment.
One final note from Melea as you begin looking into marketing your small business through Facebook advertising:
When writing a Facebook ad, remember that they appear on the page differently than Google Ads and they appear not when people are specifically searching for a thing, but when they are browsing around Facebook. Include images and remember, it pays to be catchy.

Facebook also offers a free way for you to create another online social media presence you can use to promote yourself and/or your business by creating a Facebook “Fan” Page.

Are you still in the beginning phases of your start-up business? Still looking for all the pieces you need to gather to create your masterpiece? Not sure what a Return on Investment (ROI) is? We’ve got you covered. The Instant CFO course makes you the expert for your small business. You can’t afford to miss out.

Are you looking for more answers? Don’t panic! Dawn is standing by to answer your questions.


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