Marketing Your Small Business: Google AdWords

by Elisabeth Suzio on September 25, 2011

When marketing your small business, you want to be sure that you’re placing your advertising bucks in the place where you’ll gain the highest ROI.

Yesterday, we showed you how Facebook ads can be used for your small business. Today we’ll be looking at Google AdWords.

As part of our Open Line Thursdays, our In-House Small Business Expert and Coach, Dawn Fotopulos, along with Melea Seward, our Social Media/Online Marketing Guru, compared the two services and how they would best fit into marketing your small business.

Is Google AdWords Right for Your Company?

1) You Choose the Keyword Strings

  • Create an ad and tell Google what keyword search string a user might put into Google to make your ad appear.
  • Example: if you’re a high-end ice cream store in Hoboken, NJ you might have an ad that appears when someone types in: “Gourmet Ice Cream Hoboken” or “Best Icecream in NJ”.

2) There can be high competition

  • Keep in mind that you are competing against other advertisers for your ads to appear, so there may be many sponsored ads on the Google Search Page Results.

3) Reach Your Audience Through Partners

  •  You can choose to have your ads show up on similar/related sites as Adwords next to content that is similar to what you are selling.
  • Example: Are you a direct-to-consumer used book seller? You could have an ad on a book review blog (who has opted in to be part of the Google Network of advertisers).
So whether you’re an ice cream shop in Hoboken or a used book seller, Google AdWords or Facebook may be just right the right tool for marketing your small business.  Have you had particular success with one or the other? We’d love to hear your input in the comment section below.
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