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by Dawn Fotopulos on January 10, 2012

Small Business Ideas: Build a Budget and Manage Expenses with iXpenseIt Mobile Application (Guest Contributor, Celina Durgin)

Would you spend five dollars now if it could save you thousands long-term?

iXpenseIt is a mobile application developed by FYI Mobile Ware for managing money directly from your mobile device.

It costs a one-time fee of $4.99.  Small business owners can use this mobile application to keep a constant eye on their businesses’ finances by tracking money spent after various periods of time, compiling expense reports, and creating budgets.

Not sure how to create an expense report?  We broke down expense reports for you here .  iXpenseIt can facilitate this process for achieving financial organization.

How Does It Work?

 iXpenseIt’s features enable you to see your expenses at a glance on the screen of your mobile device.  Use the graph report feature to build a pie chart or bar chart to better understand where your money is going.

You can use the camera icon to snap photos of receipts and store records of them on the app.  The currency conversion utility provides ease-of-use and convenience for traveling and doing business abroad.

You can also use this mobile application to set a monthly budget for each of your small business expenses.  Every time your business buys an item from a certain expense category, such as “office supplies,” you can record the purchase on the app.  The money will then be deducted from that category.  Each category adds up to a master budget, which is also displayed on the screen.

An export feature allows you to archive and back up data from iXpenseIt using any web browser.

 Why iXpenseIt?

  • Save time.  As far as budgeting goes, simply enter an amount into each budget category, record purchases, and iXpenseIt basically does the rest.  Keeping track of receipts is a two-step three-minute process: snap a photo of the receipt and upload it.  For an expense report, enter the data into the app, and it will automatically generate a graphical representation of your expenses.
  • Access your financial information on-the-go.  If you’d like to record a purchase or a receipt while you’re out and away from your computer, just take out your mobile device and open iXpenseIt.
  • Save money.  Take control of where your money goes.  Know how much you’re spending in every area of your small business, and budget more efficiently.
  • Help you budget. Expenses are often unpredictable, and income is even more unpredictable, so a budget is essential for stretching funds as far as possible.As a small business owner, you’re busy, and budgeting effectively can seem like just another thing to think about.

Fortunately, the iXpenseIt mobile application does much of that thinking for you by offering a practical, convenient, all-in-one means of accomplishing your financial goals, and it only costs $4.99.

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Thanks, Celina! We’ll be publishing more reviews of the best mobile applications for small businesses.

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