Small Business Opportunity: Jim Masser The Grill Master!

by Dawn Fotopulos on June 19, 2012

It’s Father’s Day and we’re celebrating with my sister Madeline and brother-in-law, Jim Masser. The weather is perfect (we’re right near the beach) and the food is so delicious it will make you weep! Why? Because no one knows how to grill perfect chicken or fish like Jim Masser!

Here’s how he can use his years of grilling success and turn it into a successful money-making blog.

On the bone or off the bone, Jim’s chicken is consistently moist and juicy and the fish melts in your mouth.   If you know anything about grilling, there is a special talent for it and Jim has it.

Step 1. Start a blog using Word Press as the platform.

Step 2. Use Word Press Thesis as your theme since it’s the most flexible Word Press design.

Step 3. Narrow your topic to things that you are passionate about and know well.  In Jim’s case, here are some of the things he can talk about on his blog:

  • Techniques for Grilling Beef, Chicken, Fish
  • Vegetarian Grilling
  • Best marinades and spice rubs
  • Grilling horror stories!
  • Madeline’s weight watcher’s grilling recipes (she’s got a million of these)
  • Pros and cons of different types of grills
  •  The best utensils to use for every purpose
  •  What to do if you want tough and dry meat!
  •  Focusing on heart-healthy grilling (it doesn’t have to be boring)
  •  How to assure you’ll have the perfect steak every time
  • Grilling preparation
  • Easy grilling clean up
  • 4- Season Grilling- grilling’s not just for summer anymore!
  •  How to present your gourmet meal to a waiting public

    Jim Masser's Famous Grilled Chicken!


Now, how do you make money doing this? Here’s how.

Make sure you mention brands in your posts! Companies love mentions of their products. Any product shots should be included in the posts. Like this apricot marinade by Portside which we used on the chicken.

You just won’t believe how delicious it was!

Tell the manufacturers of those brands that you mentioned them! Advertise it on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn using an integrated dashboard; post once, send to all outlets. I use Hootsuite. It works very efficiently.

Last, get engagement of your audience. Invite people to try your recipes. Invite comments on your blog. Invite people to ask you questions. Share grilling horror stories! Share grilling tips.

Build your audience. That builds loyalty. Advertisers will pay for that.

Here’s Madeline’s famous blackened seasoning that has no salt in it.  We used this on Jim’s grilled salmon and it was the bomb!

Madeline’s Famous Blackened Seasoning Rub

Mix together the following:

Onion Power- 1/3 Cup

Garlic Powder- 1/3 Cup

Black Pepper- 1/4 Cup

Cayenne pepper  - 1/4 Cup

Paprika - 1/3 Cup

Chicken or fish, pork or beef this rub does wonders.  Do you have a question about how to grill a roast or fish fillets? Did you over broil your burgers so they look like hockey pucks?

Leave a  question here for Jim and he’ll answer through Best Small Biz

Meanwhile, what do you know and love to do that others would love to know about?

Start a blog, mention brands, gain a following, then contact those advertisers and offer them access to your audience. It’s that simple.

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