Small Business Advice: Make It Easy for People to Buy From You

by Dawn Fotopulos on June 12, 2012

Lifestyle & Charity Magazine

Rachael and Elena Baxter are Co- Founders of Lifestyle + Charity Magazine. It is the most beautiful, amazing fashion magazine online. Why? It’s fashion with a purpose.

Take a look. Aren’t the colors incredible? Don’t you want to buy everything the models are wearing? If you want to buy that great, billowy blouse in silk, then give me the chance to shop it - on the spot. I connected with the founders of L+C Magazine with a few suggestions - one being, make all of the brands available to click and buy, which is a great example of how to make a brand salable in a magazine.

What’s the point of advertising if you don’t make it super easy for someone to point, click, and buy?

Here are eight small business tips we shared with Lifestyle + Charity Magazine that can help you too:

#1 Make it easy for someone to buy an item with three clicks. Look, understand, buy. The more clicks, the more purchases. It’s that simple.

#2 Keep the page clean and uncluttered. Don’t offer a million choices. That confuses the visitor. Make one or two products the heroes.

#3 Everything presented in an image should be salable. Don’t show something gorgeous the visitor doesn’t have access to.

#4 What will the buyer feel or experience after they buy it and wear the item? (This is a “G-rated” site, OK?)

#5 Explain the benefits, not just the features of the item. Give the visitor a vision of how an item can make their lives more beautiful, elegant, fashionable or just fun.

#6 Every salable item should have a live link directly to a “Buy Now” button.

#7 Reduce the purchase risk for the buyer by explaining the item so well, they know exactly what they’re purchasing.

#8 The landing page should be simple and describe all the features a buyer wants to know about the item. Is it washable? Does the sizing run small or large? Can the item be purchased in different colors?

#9 Add value. Make the viewing experience really memorable. Lifestyle + Charity has a music list you can listen to while you browse! How cool is that. I’m convinced once Lifestyle + Charity adds the live links, people will be buying everything in sight.


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Rachael and her sister Elena really get their audience. The gorgeous new magazine is a homerun. I’m already making up my shopping list…





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