How to Start A Baking Business and Grow Profits Fast

by Dawn Fotopulos on August 3, 2012

How to Start A Baking Business

Last year Best Small Biz Help spent some time with bakery owners in New York City to learn about their experience in starting their baking businesses. We asked them to share their advice for people who are considering opening a baking business as well. Here are the small business tips and inspiration you need to start your own baking business:

1)How to start a Home Based Baking Business: How and where to do your research to find out what is required by law.

2)Costs and Risks To Start Your Own Bakery: Baby Cakes, a gluten-free bakery, has luscious deserts and lists all their costs and gross margins for you to see.

3) How To Start a Baking Business With Low Start Up Costs: You don’t have to start with tens of thousands of dollars. Mi Kitchen Es Su Kitchen will rent you a great commercial kitchen by the hour! It would make Bobby Flay blush.

4) How Your Baking Business Can Grow Profits Fast! Don’t leave profitability to chance. Follow these very easy steps and you’ll get there faster than you can say “jelly-glazed-doughnuts”!

5)  Moonstreet Bakery: An Inspiring Startup. Mouth watering! This guy was right out of central casting from Le Cordon Bleu. His cookies were unbelievable. Warning, these cookies could pack on pounds from just watching the video. Too bad you can’t taste the samples we did! “Yum” doesn’t even touch it. ___________________________________________________________________

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