Need an Accountant? Simple Tips to Finding the Right One

by rvogelsang on November 20, 2012


Need an accountant? Here are simple tips to finding the right one.

1) Accountant With A Good Reputation

Reputation is everything. It’s a reflection of the quality of someone’s work over time. Use your local chamber of commerce or industry trade association to find references for accountants in your industry. This creates a short list of prospects to explore.

2) Accountant Who Speaks Plain English

It is crucial that you find someone who is able to communicate what’s happening in the business in a way you can understand. They need to have people skills that match your understanding and show a willingness teach you key concepts along the way.

3) Accountants Who Are Collaborators

An accountant is more than just a person who crunches numbers and keeps the company up to date with taxes.

Your accountant should help guide the business to generate more profits. He or she should also help you find creative ways to cut costs without sacrificing your quality and reputation.

4) Accounts With Availability

Having an account available when it’s convenient for you can relieve a lot of stress.

This person should be able to answer phone calls, respond in a timely manner to emails, and meet face-to-face on specific days of the week or month. Accountants can become collaborators if they’re as invested in your success as you are.

5) Accountants Who Are IRS Savvy

The person you hire should have a lot of experience dealing with the IRS. Find out how many IRS tax audits they’ve lived through with clients and what the outcomes were. Tax time can be grueling but it doesn’t have to be if you have the right accoutant who prepares you well in advance. Attention to detail is non negotiable.

A good accountant will reduce the risk of an IRS audit because he or she knows the ropes. Even if you do your own taxes, it’s a great idea to make sure you have an accountant review them, just in case.

Financial Director, Darren Veerapa, has hired many accounts in the past and has great advice when it comes to interviewing. “They will manage your money - very important job. They need to be able to handle pressure much greater than the one in the interview.”

Look for evidence of composure and logical thinking even when cornered. ” When it comes to your business make sure that you are hiring the right person to handle the money.” That means they must be trustworthy and honorable. Don’t take that for granted.

A great accountant is not just beneficial around tax time, but can show you how to grow profits and cut costs in way you may not see.

Need an accountant? These simple tips to finding the right one should smooth the way, especially now as most businesses are finishing up year-end tax preparation.

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