Hiring a Social Media Manager for Your Small Business

by ekistner on November 19, 2012

Social media is the fastest growing sector in the marketing industry. If you want your small business to stay competitive, you need to hire a social media manager. But managing social media requires more than Facebook stalking all day.

Here are a few traits to look for when hiring the perfect social media manager:

1) Social Media is Strategic.

Carrie Peterson, social media director at IMI, says a successful social media manager will have an understanding of the big picture.

“Social media doesn’t exist in a universe by itself. It’s part of a larger, strategic marketing mix.

Your social media manager should understand the overall goals and objectives of your company before implementing any social media campaigns.

2) Social Media Experts Need to Be Educated and Dedicated.

Social media never stops, so you must be ready to respond at any time. In order to stay competitive, your social media manager has to stay on the bleeding edge of technology and innovation. This can only happen if they are committed to reading constantly and looking for new ways to improve and stay ahead of your competition.

3) Social Media Experts Need to Be Super Organized.

Peterson reminds her readers that she has to “write, post, monitor, respond, and measure for countless social media channels.” Your social media manager will have to do that too.

Hire someone who has an attention to detail and can keep things organized—but watch that he isn’t such a perfectionist that he can’t move quickly.

4) Social Media is Playful.

The most successful folks in the social media industry are funny and lighthearted. Like these guys!
Don’t hire someone who will take himself too seriously. A witty social media manager can also help put the idea of a living, breathing person behind your brand.

What qualities do you think make a good social media manager? Leave a comment and tell me!





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