How to Market a Window Washing Service

by Samuel Tran on January 28, 2013

562738915908476576_h0ACpHHD_cMarketing is the most important job in building a window washing business.  So many potential customers exist, you need to find the most efficient way to reach them.

It may be simple to start a window washing service, but how do you position your business so customers will buy from you instead of your competition?

One small family-owned enterprise in Southern California, Southland Window Cleaning, accomplished this by applying simple business principles to day-to-day operations. This enabled the company to target and service customers easily and effectively. That drives up revenues and drives down costs. Every small business owner will be in a lot less pain if they follow Southland’s small business advice.

1) Do market research

Before pricing their services, Southland researched competitors’ pricing structures. After establishing the market standard, the company used a similar metric to evaluate its service. They eventually chose the standard method of pricing per pane of glass. You’ll find this information at your local business library or local college library.

2) Identify the highest potential customer segment

Southland found that most of its jobs were for residential buildings. Roughly 25% were corporate customers. Knowing this mix helped Southland to target the needs of specific customers in the homeowner segment. That makes their sales process much more efficient and cost effective.

3) Promote word-of-mouth

Southland started the first three to five years on word of mouth advertising. After building a loyal client base for the window washing business, the company invested in advertising to attract more customer prospects. These included Google Adwords, classifieds in the PennySaver, and the Yellow Pages. For local service companies, traditional marketing vehicles can be very cost effective.

4) Compete on Value, not on Price

Market research also informed Southland of franchisee companies like Fish Services that sought to lower the market price by underbidding. Though competitors tried to undercut the market, the Lynch family who owned Southland Window Cleaning, decided to price on service value instead. Additional service guarantees kept Southland’s customers  loyal and less likely to leave for competitors’ come-on prices.

5) Know the environment

Market research indicated two important trends. First, competitors tended to congregate on the East Coast of the U.S., not the West Coast. This gave Southland opportunity for growth in Southern California. Second, the type of water in the West was harder than water in the East.

This meant that Southland could not use the same supplies East Coast window washing businesses used. This knowledge offered Southland a competitive advantage over franchisees because they knew the context better and which products would yield the best results.

These five principles shaped Southland Window Cleaning and prepared a foundation for many successful years serving the community. Though other small window cleaning companies and large franchisee window washing firms exist, Southland demonstrated its value and service as the best in Southern California.

If you do your market research, identify high value customer segments, promote word-of-mouth referrals, compete on value not price, and know the environment, building a successful window washing business is closer than you think. How to market a window washing business? Southland shows us the way!

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