Best Small Business Accounting Software

by Dawn Fotopulos on April 8, 2011

Best small business accounting software tip comes from Caitlin Hourigan of “Shoeboxed“. Ok, admit it. You know you need to deal with those receipts between your couch cushions. Caitline Hourigan of Shoeboxed shows you how.

“Hi Dawn, I saw your query on HARO and I wanted to suggest three online accounting tools that were created with “number phobic” small business owners in mind.

Shoeboxed, FreshBooks and make it easy for small-business to stay on top of their books and records, helping them save time, monitor the progress of their businesses, and avoid headaches and lost deductions at tax time.

These tools are user friendly and affordable, too, allowing owners to forgo the nightmare of crunching the numbers themselves without having to pay hundreds or thousands to hire a bookkeeper or assistant.

If youre interested, I’ve included some additional information below about how small business owners can use Shoeboxed, and FreshBooks to keep their documents organized and secure, and even automate some of the most hated accounting tasks. for Receipts and Records.  For an easier way to organize and store receipts and records, and keep track of expenses and deductions, taxpayers can send their paper clutter to Shoeboxed for scanning, data entry and secure online storage.

From their online accounts, users can view and sort docs, download Excel, PDF, and QuickBooks files, and seamlessly export data to FreshBooks,, and Evernote.

Since Shoeboxed meets the IRS requirements for electronic storage systems, users do not need to keep the hard copies of receipts and records archived in their Shoeboxed accounts. (Isn’t this great?)

Shoeboxed offers Mail-In, Mobile and Email options for sending in receipts and documents. is best for Bookkeeping.  Outright makes it easy for users to monitor their bottom lines, prepare financial statements and track where their money is going.

Outright automatically pulls financial data from users bank accounts, credit cards, PayPal, Shoeboxed, FreshBooks and other sources, essentially automating their accounting.

At tax time, Outright calculates any estimated taxes users owe and automatically creates their Schedule C, while helpful alerts keep them apprised of looming deadlines.

Outright will even request Form W-9 from contractors and freelancers and file Form 1099-MISC on their behalf.

FreshBooks is great for Invoicing.  FreshBooks allows small biz owners to easily create professional-quality invoices, track how much they’ve billed and what they are owed.

If a user needs to bill a client for an expense, FreshBooks automatically snags the digitized receipt from Shoeboxed. When invoices are paid, FreshBooks automatically exports them to where income is tracked.

Thank you, Dawn!

Kind regards,

Caitlin -

Caitlin Hourigan

[email protected]


Shoeboxed: Where Receipts Go

112 Broadway St. || Suite B || Durham, NC 27701

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