Small Business Online Marketing Tips: Best-Selling Author and Speaker Unlocks the Secrets to Successful eMarketing

by Christopher Spellman on June 22, 2011

Small business online marketing tips could be the next big thing for your business, but what tips will help you stay ahead of the curve?  Today’s post features timely advice from a best-selling author and national speaker on the topic.

Corey Perlman is the author of eBoot Camp: Proven Internet Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Business, an best-seller.  He conducts workshops all over the country, giving advice and proven training on web marketing and social media.  His advice will really add to your overall small business marketing strategy.

Here are Corey’s tips on online marketing for your small business:

1. BE PROACTIVE IN GETTING ONLINE REVIEWS: People are much more motivated when they are unhappy and that’s why we see so many negative reviews on sites like Google Local and Yelp. To combat this, businesses should ask their best customers to write reviews on these same sites. Most customers would be happy to do this, but just didn’t know where to go to share their positive experience.

2. DOWNLOAD TWEETDECK: Tweetdeck is a Twitter management tool that funnels conversation into topics you care about. With Tweetdeck, you can monitor conversations that use your name or business name. So if anyone tweets about you or your business, you’ll see it on Tweetdeck and you’ll be able to respond accordingly. After you’ve created a profile on Twitter, you can get set up by going to

3. MAKE YOUR FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE ABOUT THEM: Too many businesses use their Facebook page as billboards instead of communities. In the world of Facebook, you have to engage way before you promote. And the best way to engage people is to talk in terms of their interests. Before you hit send, ask yourself, will my audience find this interesting, funny, or valuable? If not, consider changing your message.

4. USE THE POWER OF “GET INTRODUCED” ON LINKEDIN: In all of my social media workshops, 90% of people are on LinkedIn, but only 10% use this feature. LinkedIn gives you the ability to explore your network and see whom they know. This is extremely powerful when you’re looking to do business with a specific company. You might be connected to a client who is also connected to a decision maker at that company.

Your client can make an introduction to that decision maker on your behalf. You would have never known that connection existed without this feature. That’s the power of LinkedIn.

5. START A BLOG: Thanks to real-time tools like Facebook and Twitter, search engines have started ranking fresh content more than ever before. This is a challenge for most businesses, as they typically don’t publish fresh content on a consistent basis. Having a blog can solve that problem by publishing articles that relate to your industry.

Beyond giving search engines more reasons to rank your content, it also gives people more insight into how smart and credible you are. By creating good, valuable content, you can distinguish yourself as a thought-leader in your space. Get started at

Thanks for these great tips, Corey!  If you’d like to contact Corey or his company, please see below:

Corey Perlman
eBoot Camp, Inc.
(248) 915-9641

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