Marketing Your Product or Service Through Blogs

by Dawn Fotopulos on August 22, 2012

Marketing Through Blogs

Marketing through blogs is a great way to introduce products and services in ways that are interesting and enticing. Through blogs, you may describe products and their features, without much thought about how much it will cost.

This is unlike print advertisements and television commercials which are highly cost-dependent on length and reach.

1) Choose a Good Writer. The first and most basic advice when marketing through blogs is of course, to choose a good writer. No matter how interesting or useful you product is, if you do not have a blog writer that can weave magic through the use of words, then your blog becomes inefficient and mediocre.

There are other tips that will help you produce a more effective blog. Here are some easy but very useful techniques to guide you.

2) Use interesting key phrases. Key phrases are the words that help guide a lost visitor right into your blogs. These are words which, when entered into a search field, give the user a short list of all blogs pertinent to the key word.

To stand out from all the others which may be similar to your blog, use words that are unique and unlike what your competition is using. There are popular words that are often used by most people, therefore making them ineffective because yours only gets lost in the mountains of other blogs that use them.

The trick is to be more specific, maybe a long phrase which includes your blog post title and clues about the body of the blog.

For example, if you’re writing about footwear, don’t use “shoes” - be more specific like “Colorful Summer Sandals Appropriate for the Beach.” These words help narrow down the search only to “Sandals… summer…then to… colorful …then to… appropriate… for the beach. Easy.

You eliminate those visitors looking for winter shoes, for those who are not going to the beach, and for those who are not looking for any colorful shoes.

3) Branding your blog. Use the blog template that makes you stand out from the others. Make it your own, make it interesting. Use appropriate catchy colors and fonts, titles and content, borders and templates.

Put in pictures - but make sure they are resized to minimize on loading time. Put in videos, but also, adjust them so that they load faster. Other design tips: never use automatic playing music, pop-up windows or worse - dead links that don’t take you anywhere.

Best is to make your blog an extension of you as the writer. Oh this also means that if you know you can’t really write well, then either avoid blogging, or hire a ghost writer.

4) Post often- but not too often! If you want a steady stream of followers, consistently post new entries, make sure you distance them equally - striving for a blend between steady posts and hopeful anticipation for the next one.

In fact, if you want them following your every post, you can even make one post leading to another - sort of a “standby for the latest update on my next blog” sort of thing.

It’s like producing movie sequels - you tease viewers, keep then wanting more, yet not being un-updated for too long that your initially interested visitor decides to go look for some other blogger’s post who regularly updates his blog.

A good pace is 2 or 3 a week. Don’t drown them by posting 10 blogs a day though. Too much is also a turnoff.

5) Respond to comments. Not responding to comments is like asking for a favor but never thanking someone after. Responding to blogs shows that you have a genuine interest in what your readers have to say.

It gives the impression that you value their opinion, and welcome every bit of advice. Be ready for responses which may not be to your liking, though - not everyone shares the same opinion.

Each person has his own point of view, and no amount of arrogant answering back will ever make them change their minds. Be insightful, yet not pushy.

Be open, but don’t take rudeness sitting down. Blogging opens your private world to the public, therefore opening it up to public opinion. Just be civil and open-minded. Always respond in a friendly manner.

The way you present your blog is important in establishing a lasting following. Mistakes can be made but keep them to a minimum, because these will surely be the death of your blog.

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