Once A Month Conference Call to Pick Dawn’s Brain

by Dawn Fotopulos on September 14, 2012

Here’s the deal. If I accepted every coffee invitation I receive, I’d be wired for years.

So if anyone really wants to pick my brain, now they can do it two ways.

First, they can do it on demand. That’s why I made the training videos. It’s really me. I’m teaching real stuff just like I do when I’m face to face with my small business owners. You can watch when YOU have the time (and I can get a great night’s sleep while you access the videos).

Second, once a month conference calls. If you want to pick my brain real time, I’ll be on the phone answering your questions real time. It will max out at the first 95 people who sign up, so make sure you sign up for our newsletter so you’re on the invite list. It’ll be like the old party lines without the balloons.

I’ll ask for questions in advance so the call can really be content rich.

First 95, then we close the call. It won’t cost you anything.

I will of course ask you to tweet about what you learned and all that, but that’s not much to ask to gain access to thousands of dollars of knowledge, yes?

In my perfect world, I’d like it to be the beginning of monthly calls where I can reach hundreds of small business owners as a call in show. I know that’s down the road, but that’s the dream.

And you need to start  somewhere! Shoot me a comment to this post and let me know if this is interesting to you. I know the need is out there.

The call will be scheduled at the end of the month on a Thursday afternoon after lunch. That’s the plan. If it changes, I’ll let you know!

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Dawn Fotopulos


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