How To Create A Great Landing Page That Converts

by Dawn Fotopulos on September 15, 2012

This wisdom on landing pages comes to us from Toby Russell.

“In this article I want to cover off Landing Pages, what they are, why you need them and how to create one. Listen up because if you are not that experienced, learning about landing pages is a really important aspect to ensuring your internet marketing performs, so here goes …..

Your landing page basically determines your conversion rate - how many people are going to buy. You need a really good one for any promotional campaign, or any product or service where you want your visitors to click the Buy Now button. Landing pages are also known as squeeze pages because they squeeze the visitor to that button.

Eliminate Distractions

There are lots of good tips on how to make a good landing page, but the main rule is that it should be clean and free from distractions. Everything on it should lead them straight down to that Buy Now button.

Think about it - if you put a bunch of fancy stuff on your landing page, or (God forbid) links, you’re going to defeat your purpose and lead them astray. I’ve seen lots of squeeze pages that do exactly this and I’m sure they don’t convert at all.

The design should also be clean. The last thing you ever want to do is confuse your visitors. They shouldn’t hit your landing page and go, ‘What do I do now?’ It should be simple and it should lead them down the page to the place where they pay.

Don’t bother putting images or pop-ups on your landing page. Avoid anything that will make it take longer to load. You should only use text and maybe a video.

What’s The Goal?

Before starting to create your landing page, have a good think about it and decide exactly what you want your visitors to do. That, and only that, should be the entire purpose of everything you put there.

When you write your landing page, you’re going to be doing one thing only - telling them to take action right now. The language of your landing page should call them to action and focus on little else.

Writing Your Landing Page

Lots of Internet marketers pay a good copywriter to write their landing page. These folks have the skills needed to craft the right copy. But in general, here are the guidelines of great landing page copy:

- It resonates with the reader. You’ve got to get inside your prospect’s mind and understand what they’re looking for. Then, you have to give it to them.

- The headline grabs them and shakes them up. The headline should be powerful because it will determine whether or not they read on.

- You identify their problem. Along with resonating with the reader, you’ve got to identify their problems. Tell them what’s bothering them and then lead them to the solution - your product or service.

- It outlines the benefits. Once you’ve identified the problem and built rapport with your readers, you should launch right into the benefits of your product or service. This will get them excited about it.

When it comes to writing your landing page, you want to sell them on your products and services; but don’t promise something that you can’t deliver. If you do that, you’ll have more refunds than sales.

How Long Should A Landing Page Be?

How long a landing page should be is a difficult question. Some folks swear by shorter ones, while others say that it needs to be long. The best way to decide is to run two different campaigns, one with a longer landing page and one with a shorter landing page, and see which one works. That’s the science of marketing at work!”

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