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Software Options to Simplify Filing Taxes in 2013

by Dawn Fotopulos on February 14, 2013

749 Pictures istock photo 069You Can Process Tax Forms Online And Print

The Internal Revenue Service recently announced it will begin accepting and processing tax forms, online and in print, starting Jan. 30. According to, the original processing date, Jan. 22, was pushed back, due to tax law changes made by Congress on Jan. 1 under the American Taxpayer Relief Act (ATRA).

While this date change won’t push back the April 15 deadline for mailing in your tax return, it will make a difference in when you will be receiving your tax refund.

How To Get Receipts in Order

If you are a business owner, independent contractor or filing with your spouse and you’re attempting to file without the help of an accountant or H&R Block for the first time, you might need some help getting those receipts in order and adding up all of those deductions.

If you don’t have backup where you keep all of your receipts and invoices, now is the time to get something like VPS hosting for backup. Once installed, you can get started with the preparation of your taxes and organize your financial reports year round. Read on and find a tax prep software program that works best for you, and get the most out of your tax return.

Turbo Tax

Still walking away with the highest rating tax filing software program, Turbo Tax stands above all the others in usability, support and accuracy. With its mobile versions, you can file on your iPad or other tablet device. Although the latest version is a bit pricier, at $49.95 you can have access to support from tax professionals via live chat. This latest version also has the best navigational interface over the competition, says’s Kathy Yakal. That’s why it was chosen last year for the Editor’s Choice award.

TaxACT Online Ultimate Bundle

This online tax program is easy to access and the price is right as well ($17.95 for the paid version). There is a free version available, that is accurate and easy to access, but you can have access to support and help features if you purchase the full program.

The only drawback to TaxACT, says, is it does not offer prepaid audit help and it leans on IRS instructions more than other programs.

H&R Block

Tying for second place with TaxACT, H&R Block, along with the Tax Institute, offers users a fully comprehensive software package that walks taxpayers through the filing process.

For only $29.95, users have access to mobile apps that can allow filers to send in their tax return on their iPad or tablet.

The only drawback to this package is the filers final reviews are not always accurate, when processed through H&R Block, but if the representatives miscalculate your return, they do guarantee to pay the IRS for any penalties that occur as a result of their inaccuracy.

Make 2013 the year when you take charge of your finances and get the most out of your tax return. Whether you chose to do them yourself or with the help of a professional, or with help from one of these programs, make sure you don’t put them off for too long.

Your bank statements should be reconciled by the end of February to be sure you make the April 15th deadline.


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