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Series: How to Start Your Own Business

by kcarlson on August 5, 2013


This week on Best Small Biz Help, we’ll be publishing a special series. Many of our newer readers and business owners have missed content about getting their business ideas off the ground. So throughout the week, we will be publishing and re-releasing (in an updated form) content with advice about How to Start Your Own Business.

For many of you, the information in this series is old news. But maybe it will jog your memory about some things you may have forgotten as you developed your business. We encourage you to offer your own wisdom and experience to new readers by posting comments throughout the week!

For those of you just starting out, we are excited to be able to share this information with you. Please feel free to ask questions in the comments (or hit the red panic button to the right of this page!). Good luck!

1. Turning Your Business Idea into a Business Strategy (Part 1)

2. Turning Your Business Idea into a Business Strategy (Part 2)

3. How to Outline Your Business Plan

4. What to Include in Your Business Plan 


The ultimate small business crash course


No, You Can’t Pick My Brain

July 22, 2013 Small Biz Ideas

If you’re an expert on something important, sooner or later, people will ask you if they can “pick your brain”. What do you do if the person is a potential client? If the person inquiring is a potential client, here’s one way to handle that. (This is advice I just gave to a dear friend [...]

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The Key to Client Loyalty is Trust

July 17, 2013 Small Biz Ideas

There’s no easier way to lose a customer than to lose their trust.  How does one do that? Make a promise, then break it. Case in point. Have you ever been to a store, a doctor’s office or a restaurant and the gatekeeper says, “It will be twenty minutes” and forty five minutes later, they [...]

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4 Tips On How To Invoice Your Customers

July 5, 2013 Small Biz Bookkeeping

When you invoice a customer, your goal is to reinforce the decision they made to buy from you instead of your competition. The invoice document provides a perfect opportunity for you to connect the dots between the benefit the client  received from your business and the price you’re asking them to pay. Not only will [...]

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How to Double Your Prices in A Soft Economy

June 29, 2013 Marketing Tips

Think, “that’s impossible”? It isn’t. Here’s a simple example. I was vacationing on an island just recently and needed a taxi at 6:30 AM to get to an early boat. There is only one taxi service on the entire island. When I called to make a reservation, here’s what I was told: “We only start [...]

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Secrets to Small Business Success: Advice from a Family-Owned Business

January 28, 2013 Small Biz Ideas

We’ve outlined the best method to build and market a successful window washing business, using local Southern California company Southland Window Cleaning as an example. What sets Southland apart from its competitors? What’s the secret to the company’s success? Josiah Lynch, now junior partner in the family business, offers a simple answer to these questions. [...]

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How To Build A Window Washing Business

January 27, 2013 Celebrate Small Business Success Stories

Despite weak economic conditions, building a small business like a window washing service is not impossible. In fact, starting a small business might be easier than you think! Consider Southland Window Cleaning, a small business based in Southern California entering its second decade. Twenty years ago, the Lynch family acquired equipment, supplies, and clients from [...]

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