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Red Rover PR

March 3, 2011 eMarketing

Small businesses need a little inspiration. This comes to us from Red Rover PR, the best social media gurus for small businesses. Check out the Behind the Scenes Video Shoot with Lifestyle and Charity Magazine photographed by Davide Ducane and filmed by Jon Macapodi. Bop to the beat. See what’s possible. They’ve just launched Lifestyle […]

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Small Business Twitter Tips

March 1, 2011 eMarketing

Small Business Twitter Tips will help you get the most from your Twitter relationships. They will also help you use Twitter more strategically and avoid TIME VAMPIRES! These come to us from Rachael Lechliter and Elena Baxter of Red Rover PR. Red Rover invests a lot of time helping us promote Best Small Biz […]

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Marketing Tips for Small Businesses- Writing Content

November 4, 2010 eMarketing

Marketing Tips for Small Businesses will help you attract audiences. That’s the whole purpose of marketing. This post provides five tips about creating written content online. Here are our five “R” of writing for online visitors: Tip 1- Relevant- Make sure what you’re writing is relevant to the visitor and consistent with your site’s main […]

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Marketing Tips for Small Businesses- Email Opt-in List Development Strategies

August 25, 2010 eMarketing

There are many great ways to build an opt-in list for your website, your blog or your affiliate programs. The problem is that many opt in lists are often done haphazardly with little or no thought as to what one is going to do with the list once they have it. Affiliate marketers, online marketing […]

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Melea Seward Is Brilliant

June 14, 2010 eMarketing

Meet Melea Seward, social media expert. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard about her yet. You will. She taught me everything I know about social media. She’s brilliant at it. If she can teach this technophobe, she can teach anyone. Twitter confusing to you? Facebook a mystery? Linked In has you on the “outs”? Melea’s […]

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Facebook Fanpage Set Up Made Easy

May 19, 2010 eMarketing

Creating a Facebook Fanpage for small businesses or solopreneurs can be tricky. The article below from the Wishlist, gives steps by step instructions to create a Facebook Fanpage quickly and easily. How To Create A ‘Fan’ Page on Facebook Facebook ‘Fan’ pages are open for anyone to have! Moreover, the creation of one of these […]

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Network Marketing in the New Technological Eco-System

May 4, 2010 eMarketing

Copyright © 2009 Spas2b Inc. There is a whole technological Ecosystem developing before our eyes, that we can either ignore; adapt to slowly at our own pace (recommended!); or race to embrace. These new methods of network marketing provide us with everything from enhanced lead generation, to high level CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Knowing that […]

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